19 December , 2022

Viero: turning the dream of a custom-built home into reality


Where are you right now in your dream to be in your forever home? Custom built with the extras for you to enjoy. And why not? You have worked hard to give yourself and your family a better lifestyle.

Welcome to Viero. They talk your language when it comes to designing with you, your dream home.

As you know, pre-existing homes available on the market don’t come anywhere close to ticking all the boxes that you and your family have on your wish list. Therefore, buying an existing home and renovating it to the exact way you want it is years away in today’s environment.

When custom-building your home at Viero, you can design a home that not only suits your lifestyle today but one that is future-proof and will stand the test of time as the family grows and you one day even retire. It will last for generations to come.

Viero makes the process of building a custom-made home as seamless as possible. You know who you are dealing with from start to finish, and they care as much as you about quality, design and luxury.

They talk your language when it comes to designing with you, your dream home.

The design process for a custom-built home should never be rushed and at Viero, we spend approximately four to five months finessing the perfect design and floorplan for our clients. Once the design has been finalised and permits have been approved, the building process takes an average of 12 months. It’s important not to set a specific deadline, rather enjoy the process of creating something unique just for you.

New-built custom homes also provide an opportunity to incorporate items that many only dream of like a basketball court, infinity pool, massive entertainment areas or an underground wine cellar. You also can add the latest technology, and ESG.

But before you start building your dream home, engage with the Viero team that can share the journey with you from start to finish as it will minimize the risks of delays and potential issues throughout the process. At Viero, our experts are with you every step of the way ensuring it is delivered on time, on budget and exceeding expectations.